New Patient Free Consultation
All new Patients must schedule this first. Either before the chosen treatment or by itself. Patient should have intake questionnaire filled out and be ready with questions. They can download the form at home from the Contact page or by coming in 15 minutes early to fill it out. I will assess their health from a TCM perspective and tell them whether I can help facilitate healing. There will be a discussion of the treatment plan, which includes cost and number of possible treatments needed.


TCM Therapy
This appointment includes acupuncture and cupping. If needed there is also included a Herbal medicine assessment, Moxa, and light Massage. Acupuncture uses very thin needles. Everyone has a different pain tolerance, yet most patients say the sensation is minimal. There is no need to fear acupuncture needles. The treatment can always be modified to satisfy the needs and comfort of the patient.


Herbal Therapy
I will assess and diagnose. There will be a discussion about how to administer the herbs, with cooking, pills or powder form. I will place the order with Lian China Herb, and the patient will receive the medication within 2-3 business days.


It may be combined with acupressure and moxa for a needle-free treatment. Cupping is most effective for musculo-skeletal concerns, but is also used with the same principles of an acupuncture treatment.


Nutritional Counseling
Patient will bring in a "food diary" of the last several days, including meals, snacks, and drinks. There will be a discussion about nutrition from a TCM perspective and how it relates to their specific body constitution.


Ear Acupuncture
A shorter service for busy patients, yet still extremely effective. On the ear surface there is a map of the human body. Ear acupuncture is when the needles go into the ear tissue.



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